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Version: v1.14.x LTS

Custom Metadata

(Optional) Additional metadata can be added to the instance information that is registered in the Discovery Service in the customMetadata section. This information is propagated from the Discovery Service to the onboarded services (clients). In general, additional metadata do not change the behavior of the client. Some specific metadata can configure the functionality of the API Mediation Layer. Such metadata are generally prefixed with the apiml. qualifier. We recommend you define your own qualifier, and group all metadata you wish to publish under this qualifier.

  • customMetadata.apiml.enableUrlEncodedCharacters

    When this parameter is set to true, the Gateway allows encoded characters to be part of URL requests redirected through the Gateway. The default setting of false is the recommended setting. Change this setting to true only if you expect certain encoded characters in your application's requests.

    Important! When the expected encoded character is an encoded slash or backslash (%2F, %5C), make sure the Gateway is also configured to allow encoded slashes. For more info see Installing the Zowe runtime on z/OS.

  • customMetadata.apiml.connectTimeout

    The value in milliseconds that specifies a period, in which API ML should establish a single, non-managed connection with this service. If omitted, the default value specified in the API ML Gateway service configuration is used.

  • customMetadata.apiml.readTimeout

    The value in milliseconds that specifies the time of inactivity between two packets in response from this service to API ML. If omitted, the default value specified in the API MLGateway service configuration is used.

  • customMetadata.apiml.connectionManagerTimeout

    HttpClient employs a special entity to manage access to HTTP connections called by the HTTP connection manager. The purpose of an HTTP connection manager is to serve as a factory for new HTTP connections, to manage the life cycle of persistent connections, and to synchronize access to persistent connections. Internally, it works with managed connections which serve as proxies for real connections. ConnectionManagerTimeout specifies a period, in which managed connections with API ML should be established. The value is in milliseconds. If omitted, the default value specified in the API ML Gateway service configuration is used.

  • customMetadata.apiml.okToRetryOnAllOperations

    Specifies whether all operations can be retried for this service. The default value is false. The false value allows retries for only GET requests if a response code of 503 is returned. Setting this value to true enables retry requests for all methods, which return a 503 response code. Enabling retry can impact server resources resulting from buffering of the request body.

  • customMetadata.apiml.corsEnabled

    When this parameter is set to true, CORS is enabled on the service level for all the service routes. For more information, see this article about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).