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Version: v1.8.x

Pull requests guidelines

The Zowe™ source code is stored in GitHub repositories under the Zowe GitHub project. You contribute to the project through Pull Requests in GitHub.

Each pull request is made against a repository that has assigned "maintainers". Pull requests cannot be merged without the approval of at least one maintainer, who will review Pull Requests to ensure that they meet the following criteria:

  • The code in the pull request must adhere to the General Code Style Guidelines.
  • The code must compile/transpile (where applicable) and pass a smoke-test such that the code is not known to break the current state of Zowe.
  • The pull request must describe the purpose and implementation to the extent that the maintainer understands what is being accomplished. Some pull requests need less details than others.
  • The pull request must state how to test this change, if applicable, such that the maintainer or a QA team can check correctness. The explanation may simply be to run included test code.
  • If a pull request depends upon a pull request from the same/another repository that is pending, this must be stated such that maintainers know in which order to merge open pull requests.